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With great pride and gratitude we can report that, on July 1st 2017, we have received the TRIPADVISOR Award of Excellence for the 7th year in a row.

Restaurant Greetje is the place to be to enjoy elevated Dutch cuisine with a ‘gezellige’ local vibe. Greetje’s creations are rooted in traditional Dutch cookbooks and in Greetje’s archive of recipes that were passed on from generation to generation. Originality is the thread that connects everything at Greetje, from the ingredients to the personal and friendly service.

All our dishes are prepared with love for the profession and respect to mother nature. These values are also at the core when it comes to our choices of suppliers.

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See you soon at Greetje.

René T Loven, Proprietor

TASTING MENUStartersMain coursesDesserts



“the ultimate culinary Dutch experience”


€ 55,- p.p.

(min. 2 people)



A tasting of all our six delicious Dutch starters served in a ‘High Tea’-fashion

main course




A tasting of all our sweet desserts served in a ‘High Tea’-fashion




(min. 2 people, €18,- p.p.)

A tasting of six delicious Dutch starters

Add Greetje’s Classic for only 4 euros extra p.p.


Roulade of spring chicken with prunes and hazelnuts, salad of yellow beet and chioggia beet with lovage mayonnaise 16
Pickled and smoked sea bream fillet with three colors of carrots, curry mayonnaise and a salad of sweet herbs 17
Mousse of Dutch Lady Blue Cheese (V)with red chicory, baked Granny Smith apple, frisee lettuce and caramelized walnuts 16
Bouillon of Dutch beefsteak tomatoes (V) with leek, chopped parsley and puff pastry breadstick with melted Old Amsterdam cheese 10
Green pea soup (V) with crème fraiche and chopped roasted hazelnut 10
Crispy sautéed black pudding with lukewarm apple compote, bacon bits, leavened bread and veal gravy 16


Grilled sandwich of Frysian sugar bread with layers of homemade duck liver terrine and apple syrup 17


SPOOM Homemade black currant sorbet with Champagne and Vodka

Main courses

Main courses

Red perchRed perch fillet sautéed on the skin with butter sauce, Dutch shrimps, lukewarm kohlrabi and celery with creamy mashed potatoes 27
Lamb (Greetje's favorite)Roasted fillet of lamb with green asparagus, green beans, potato gratin and its own gravy with heather honey 29
PorkIn apple syrup marinated and roasted cutlet of suckling pig with stewed fennel, roasted mini leeks, potatoes from the oven and Dutch mustard sauce 28
VealSlow cooked fillet of veal served with a hotchpotch of mashed potatoes, turnip tops and Old Amsterdam cheese and topped with farmer’s girls (in Dutch brandy marinated apricots) served with its own gravy 29
Vegetables(V) Tarte tatin of shallots, local organic goat cheese and thyme with a steamed free-range egg, roasted chickpeas and spinach sauce 24
AsparuagusWhite asparagus with organic ham, small Dutch potatoes, boiled egg and clarified butter 25

On the side

Greetje’s salad (small)of butter lettuce with Dutch dressing 7
Greetje’s salad (large)of butter lettuce with Dutch dressing 12
Greetje's homemade apple saucewith cinnamon 6



(min. 2 people, €15,- p.p.)

A tasting of all our sweet desserts


White chocolate bavaroiscrumble of hazelnuts and apple, black currant sauce 11
Marbled yogurt cakewith apricots on a pie crust of Bastonge cookies 11
Custard from Dutch butterscotch candy with whipped cream and an orange crisp cookie 10
Crepes with Dutch strawberries, orange syrup and vanilla parfait 12
Crème brulée with an extract of liquorice wood and black liquorice ice cream 11


Selection of Dutch cheese with artisanal rye bread, soaked prunes and homemade apple syrup 14


Greetje has been chosen as a winner of the TripExpert Experts’ Choice Award. If you plan to make a reservation for up to eight people choose “A la carte” for type of reservation If you plan to make a reservation for nine people or more choose “groep” for type of reservation

Restaurant Greetje is closed from June 18th until June 25th 2019


Restaurant Greetje is the best place in Amsterdam to enjoy culinary happy moments. We are situated in a historic part of Amsterdam’s old port, with the Dutch East India Company warehouses around the corner

Tom Hienkens Chef

Born and raised in the province of North Holland it comes to no surprise that Tom has learned to appreciate all the delicious ingredients that are farmed in his province. The Beemster, known for its organic farming, is Tom’s favorite part of the country to find tasty ingredients: Beemster honey, Beemster cheese, Beemster apples Beemster garlic, you will find it in many of his creations. Tom is next to being a passionate cook also someone who loves to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation. He does so in his capacity as a certified tutor.

 René T Loven Patron

Born and raised in Weert, in the south of The Netherlands. Youngest son of a middle class family. After a career both in The Netherlands and abroad I decided in 2005 to realize my dream and follow my passion by creating Restaurant Greetje. My ultimate goal was  “To exceed customer expectations by elevating Dutch cuisine to a higher culinary level”. After all these years, that is still what we do every day with our team of creative, passionate and  motivated professionals.

With the delicious and original ingredients produced from the fertile Dutch soil and waters we create a fabulous dining experience for you. A visit to Amsterdam wont be complete without a visit to Restaurant Greetje.


Restaurant Greetje

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